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In our modern world, there are more and more objects and movements which cannot be seen by the human eye. Our world has become faster, smaller, and much more advanced, while the human eye has stayed the same for thousands of years. At DITECT, we work hard every day, to give you the ability to see what the eye cannot see. To give you the sharp vision you need, in order to understand the problems you are facing in your medical, production or research work, or even out on the golf course. Capture, track, and analyze a wide variety of images with our state-of-the art cameras and software. We are small, focused company, highly specialized in our field, and with a solid customer base which includes some of Japan’s world leading companies. Now, we want to give you the opportunity to work with us and our products, to improve your own products and processes. 


Thank you.

Business and products

Image processing,High speed camera,PIV,Motion capture,Sperm analyzer,Golf analyzer,Eye tracking system,Frame grabber board, any OEM solutions.

Area of specialty

ENGINEERING(aerospace&defense,civil, machine,automotive,
fluids,boiler,information,medical,river,ocean,architectual,geotechnical, environment, plasma),BIOTECHNOLOGY,

University, reserch institute, development/quality assurance /manufacturing technology department

About Us