Sperm analyzer


Sperm motility and morphology analysis system


With the analysis software and high speed camerawhich are both developed by ourselves, SMAS enables you to measure and analyze sperm more efficiently and precisely.

Japanese CASA system

SMAS is the only Japanese CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) system which is available for both human and animal sperm.

This system is user friendly, cost effective, and time saving, and provides you with reliable data.

With about 20 years of experience, we can proudly offer you a decent Japanese CASA system.



User friendly

- Very easy steps to follow: adjust focus and brightness of a microscope and start analyzing

- Automatic process from imaging to measurement


Time saving

- Analysis result will be displayed in a few seconds


Cost effective

- Reducing the operational cost by using reusable counting chamber


Reliable data

- Analysis data based on sperm image itself, not by statistical data

- Available to check results on a monitor in real time to avoid measurement errors

Motility analysis

1. Track and Measure

Easy, simple steps.

Set sperm sample on a microscope, adjust focus and brightness, and click “Start Analysis”.

The system performs automatic processing from imaging to measurement and displays a result immediately.

With original sperm identification algorithms, SMAS distinguishes between immotile and motile sperm.

It tracks all behaviors of motile sperm in seconds and calculates specified items.

Each sample can be measured as many times as desired in order to correct the error of bias in the chamber.

About up to 5,000 motile sperm can be analyzed at once. (about 400,000,000 sperm/ml concentration)


2. Result

Immediately after imaging, the measurement results are displayed on the monitor screen as numerical data and video.

VSL will be color coded based on WHO guidelines. (1999/2010) (For human sperm only)

Single sperm can be trackable too.


3. Analysis graphs

Based on the individual sperm tracking data obtained, the system calculates total sperm count, motile/immotile sperm count, and other analysis items.

In addition, it will show the measurement results as a histogram and as WHO 1999/2010 classification graphs.


4. Report

Measurement results can be printed as a report data sheet.

You can choose the items to be output on the report.

Two types of print settings can be saved, one with main items for patients and the other with all details for hospitals to keep records, for example.

One tracking image, two graphs plotting measurement results, and other items and measurement results can be laid out.


Analysis items for counts, concentration, and motility

Morphology analysis

♦ Adopted Kruger’s strict criteria.

♦ Measures size and shape of head, midpiece, and tail.

♦ Calculate the percentage of normal and abnormal sperm.

*Sperm sample needs to be stained before analysis.


Analysis items for morphology

Specification of SMAS

System Requirements

Contents of SMAS

◆Analysis software “SMAS”

Sperm analysis software developed by DITECT


◆High speed camera

Digital high speed camera developed by DITECT

Available for 2592x2048 resolution at 60fps


Equipment to be prepared by user

◆Microscope (+optical filter)

*See more about each version: Human, Animal



Windows 7 or 10 - 64 bit OS

Intel CPU - Core i7


◆Counting chamber: Makler chamber (10μl) or Disposable chamber (12μl)

→Available to add to your order as an option


Supported languages

English, Japanese 



Manufacturing authorization number/ 13BZ006277

Manufacturing and sales authorization number/ 13B3X00437

SMAS Application number/ 13B3X00437000002

(Based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare of Japan)


Based on WHO laboratory manual for the Examination and processing of human semen

SMAS supports WHO 1999 and 2010 guidelines for VSL ABCD classification. It can be showed in numeric, color coded, and graphs.