Sperm Analyzer


Sperm Analyzer

Sperm Analyzer

Sperm analyzer

Using a 5 mega pixel camera and progressive algorithms. The system can easily and precisely mesure the number of sperm and their activity.


Computer-Aided Semen Analysis(CASA)

SMAS is the only Japanese CASA system for human and animal sperm's motility and concentration. Using SMAS will give you a great advantage in reducing measuring errors on semen examination.

With 5 mega pixel camera

DITECT's 5.3 million(5 mega) pixel CMOS high speed camera which is our own product will offer steady supply and maintenance, and even a sufficient accuracy.

Base on WHO laboratory manual for the Examination and processing of human semen

SMAS supports WHO 1999 and 2010 guidelines for VSL ABCD classification. It can be showed in numeric, color coded, and graphs.

SMAS software image in human sperm motility analysis.






Sperm Analyzer