DITECT is a specialist of motion picture analyzing.

We respond to expecatation by image measurement
and motiontracking, and crossover system solutions.

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Software(PIV/Motion Analysis)

Sophisticated PIV and Motion capture software by DITECT. These software systems will support you to analyze various targets by all kinds of techniques based on correlation, binarization, color tracking, and checker-markers.

High speed camera

A new Japanese highly sensitive image sensor and USB3.0 high speed interface will give you an easy and stress-free tool for super-slow imaging.

Sperm Analyzer

Using 5 megapixel camera and progressive algorithms, the system can measure the number of spermatozoa and their activity clearly and precisely.

Golf Analyzer

Golf Analyzer

High speed camera will capture and replay the moment of impact as slow motion images. Flight distance and ballistics are calculated and impact and swing are analyzed by our image processing technology.

About us