Software (PIV/DIC/Motion capture)

(PIV/DIC/Motion Capture)

Sophisticated PIV, DIC and Motion Capture software by DITECT.

These systems will support you to analyze various targets by all kinds of technics based on correlation, binarization, color tracking, and checker markers.

PIV / Motion Capture

PIV/PTV fluid flow analysis software

PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) is an advanced fluid mechanics technique used to visualize and quantify the flow patterns and velocity fields of fluids. It involves seeding the fluid with tiny tracer particles that follow the flow motion. These particles are illuminated with a laser sheet, and high-speed cameras capture sequential images of the particle displacements over time.

PTV stands for Particle Tracking Velocimetry. Similar to PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry), PTV focuses on studying fluid dynamics, but instead of using tracer particles illuminated by a laser sheet, PTV relies on individual particle tracking.


Flownizer 2D (PIV 2D2C including PTV 2D2C), Flownizer 3D (PIV 2D3C) and Flownizer 3DPTV are versatile software tools widely utilized in various flow visualization experiments including wind tunnel studies, analysis of flow in water tanks, investigation of heat transfers, examination of river flows, analysis of blood vessel flows, and many other fluid dynamics-related scenarios.

Motion capture software

Motion capture (motion analysis) is an optical method used in kinematic fields to measure and record the movement of objects or individuals, enabling precise tracking and analysis of their motion patterns and biomechanical characteristics.


DIPP-Motion V (2D/3D) is an adaptable software tool used for various types of motion analysis, including human motion, automotive applications, river/ocean models, robot movement analysis, and analysis of animal/insect behaviors.

DIC analysis software

DIC (Digital Image Correlation) software is a powerful tool used in engineering and scientific research to analyze and quantify deformations and displacements in objects or materials. It works by comparing digital images captured before and after deformation, and then tracking the unique patterns or markers on the object's surface. By correlating these patterns, DIC software can accurately measure the changes in shape, strain, and motion, providing valuable insights into material behavior, structural integrity, and mechanical properties. Its applications span across various fields, including material testing, biomechanics, civil engineering, and manufacturing.

DIPP-Strain is a low-priced strain analysis software developed by DITECT corporation that has developed various analysis solutions widely accepted by end-users because of the ease of use, high processing speed and impressive accuracy. 

Particle Image Analysis Software

Particle image analysis software, is a specialized tool used to analyze and track particles or objects in digital images or videos. It is commonly employed in various scientific, engineering, and research fields to study the behavior, movement, and characteristics of particles within different systems.


DIPP Macro II can optimize your experiment, providing a more in-depth analysis of your samples and a better understanding of your data. The software allows you to easily filter and sort your data based on a variety of parameters. Working with images in DIPP Macro II is simple. The software displays a line graph representing the color or grayscale distribution and automatically detects objects in the image. If needed, you can manually adjust the threshold.

Particles may be filtered by size, shape, position, and other criteria. Detailed data, such as the total count, dimensions, perimeter, longest diameter, Feret's diameter, and much more, is available for each particle immediately on the screen.

PIV samples and motion capture samples from DITECT’s image analysis software.


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