Sperm motility analysis system [SMAS]

5 mega pixel high resolution semen analysis

Sperm motility analysis system [SMAS]

Much easier and higher sperm analyzer by a 5 mega high resolution camera and original sperm identification algorithm will distinguish between motile and immotile spermatozoa.

Analysis items such as count/concentration/motility rate/VSL/VCL/VAP/LIN/STR/ALH/BCF are available.

SMAS is active in

*Human IVF/ART clinics

For examination and processing of human semen

*Livestock experiment station/department of agriculture and veterinary

For live stock reproduction in bull/pig/water buffalo/chicken/dog

*Institute/breeder of experimental animals

For rat/mouse/marmoset

*Marine research center/cell biology institute

For sea urchin/sea squirt/spear squid/zebrafish


  • With a high-resolution digital camera, the resolution is increased about four times compared to conventional products
  • About up to 5000 motile sperm (a semen about 400,000,000/ml concentration)
  • Result data and traced image will be saved automatically after analyzing
  • Original sperm image and tracking image can be saved also
  • The analysis result can be displayed in classification of WHO measurement standard (1999/2010) ABCD
  • Traces are color-coded according to sperm velocity to facilitate visualization
  • Progressive sperm analyzable
  • Custom category classification / cut off filter available

Tracking and measurement

The operation is very simple. The user must only set semen on a microscope and press the imaging button.

The system performs automatic processing from imaging to measurement and displays the result immediately.

With an original sperm identification algorithm, SMAS distinguishes between immmotile and motile sperm.

It tracks all behaviors of motile sperm for one second and calculates specified items.

Each sample can be mesured as many times as desired in order to correct the error of bias in the chamber.

Measurement result (field and motility)

Immediately after imaging, the measurement results are displayed on the monitor screen as numerical data and video image.

It is now possible to improve the analysis of individual motility and to make a detailed measurement of each single sperm.

Analysis graph view

Based on the individual sperm trace data obtained, the system calculates total sperm count, motile/immotile sperm count and other analysis items.

In addition, the system reports the measurement results as a histogram and as WHO 1999/2010 classification graphs.

Reporting function

Analysis results can be printed as a report data sheet. The report is from 30 items including name, age, and other information.

Also one trace image, two graphs, and five sets of measurement results will be arranged in the A4 layout.


Spec of sperm analyzer “SMAS”

Equipment configuration 5 mega pixel high resolution camera/camera cable/SMAS PC/monitor/keyboard/mouse/microscope/SMAS software
Camera mode 2548x2048 @ 60fps (for human and animal spermatozoa) 1980x1080 @ 150fps / 1024x1024 @ 300fps / 800x600 @ 500fps / 640x480 @ 800fps (for animal spermatozoa only)
Compute/analyze item Count, concentration, motility, motility concentration, VSL, VCL, VAP, LIN, STR, ALH, BCF
Supported languages English and Japanese
Supported OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (64bit)
Required biological microscope Phase-contrast condenser / 10X field lens / ph1 ring / green filter / direct TV adapter