Portable golf analyzer [Swing Better Plesio]


Portable stereo high speed impact analyzer

Portable golf analyzer [Swing Better Plesio]

A compact ballistic stereo high speed image proccessing impact analyzer will improve your impact.

"Is this really my impact?"

This is the common first impression of Swing Better users, including average golfers, even experts and professional players. This is probably because the club and the ball, at the moment of the impact, often behave differently from what the player has imagined.

A measuring device that only displays numerical data may be enough to extract the essence of the impact. However, images of your impact could show much more, as the proverb says, "A picture is worth a thousand words".

DITECT is making every effort in the pursuit of "a golf analyzer that can visualize the impact."




  • Stereo high speed camera and doppler sensor will calculate distance, head speed, ball speed, smash factor, V angle, H angle, back spin, side spin, etc.
  • Using fitting mode will give you more measurment items like hit point, blow angle, head path, lie/sole/shaft/loft/face angle, etc.

What is good about Swing Better Plesio?

High speed camera - Swing Better Plesio uses two high speed cameras shooting at 1,000fps. Super slow video of the impact is played back immediately after the shot.

High speed electronic flash - Swing Better Plesio adopts a high speed strobe flash operating at 1/20,000 second.

It enables outdoor use with sufficient brightness under the direct sunlight.

LED indicator - It detects the position of the ball and indicates if it is corrrectly placed.

Footswitch - It allows for all operations at the club head and is most suitable as a trainning machine for personal use.

Doppler speedometer - A newly developed doppler speedometer measures head speeds.

Images of impact

Images are replayed as high speed animation at 1,000fps.

The combination of the electronic flash and the shutter provides stable images which is not affected by the outside environment.

Head measurement for fitting mode

Head measurements can be made using a marker affixed to the club.

The user can obtain detailed data such as club blow angle, entry path, and face angle.

Choose Practice field mode / Round mode

Three courses are available for practice mode : driving range, iron range, and putter range. They are most suitable for daily shot practice and golf lessons.

Users can practice alone or play games with other players in full scale original golf courses.

Fitting mode (for option)

The measurement result is displayed as numerical data and club/ball paths.

The data can be stored in memory to allow comparison with other clubs and balls, or for comparison between past and present data for fitting.

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Spec of golf analyzer “Swing Better Plesio”

Standard components Plesio main unit / USB cable / software CD / footswitch / doppler speedometer / calibrator / laptop PC
Unit size ( outer dimensions) H88cm x W24cm x D19cm
Unit weight Approx. 8kg
Analysis items Ball flight distance, head speed, ball speed, smash factor, V angle, H angle, back spin, side spin (standard) hit point, blow angle, head path, lie/sole/shaft/loft/face angle (fitting mode only)