Case Studies


High speed cameras

Case Studies



Posture and gaze measurement while driving and gaze measurement of design evaluation. We conduct collision test, measure vibration of various parts such as engines, and make comparison with simulation values.



Vibration of engine taken by the high speed camera

Shooting a car engine while operating, which is said to be difficult to stabilize a camera, can be taken easily with the DITECT’s lightweight, small high speed camera.


Civil construction

High speed cameras, fluid analysis, motion analysis, etc. are applied in research on vibration tests and destructive experiments of structures, research on river ecology, railroads, port research, water supply facilities and other buildings, and urban environment.



Collapse experiment of bridge model

This is the case example of bridge model collapse test analyzed with DITECT’s high speed camera “HAS-L1” and motion analysis software “DIPP-Motion V”.



Measurement of flow velocity in river model

This is the example of flow speed measurement of a river. Using a 1/n model of the actual river, the flow velocity is measured with the various parameters of shedding water.


Material · Chemistry

Evaluation testing is highly important in the material development process, such as the calculation of durability, elasticity, heat resistance, etc. We can assist you with the wide variety of evaluation tests with both hardware and software.



Shot of the moments of bubble generation by the high speed camera

This is the video of the moment of bubble formation under a microscope taken by the high speed camera “HAS-D71M”.



Metal working / cutting

This is the video of behavior of the machine tool at the time of cutting taken by the high speed camera “HAS-D71”.



Motion analysis is used in any fields of sports from ball sports, track & field, to water sports, biomechanics, and sports engineering. Digitizing video footage, it makes sports “science”.




Strobe effects panoramic video

This is the video taken by swinging a camera on a tripod when shooting, and edited as panoramic style.




Behavior analysis of a table tennis ball

This is the case example taken by our high speed camera "HAS-D71". It was analyzed with no marker (nothing was attached or written on the ball), but the logo on the ball was used as a marker. The number of spins (rpm) and velocity (km/h) before and after bouncing back by the rubber was calculated automatically. It shows that after touching the rubber, the number of spins slightly decreased but the ball speed increased.


Electrical machinery and electronics

Various analytical software to visualize movement of equipment such as handy type high speed camera which captures high speed phenomenon of various precision work equipment, eye gaze tracking to visualize work efficiency, various custom software etc. using development technology etc. Detect technology supports the evolution of the latest electronics to further refine.




Solder melting · scattering

This is the movie of solder melting and scattering taken at 2,000 fps with the high speed camera “HAS-D72”. It makes possible to observe the dissolution and the moment of scattering.


Machine vision / Production technology

With the supply of video capture cards for over 20 years, it has been active in machine vision scenes by connecting with analog cameras, LVDS cameras, camera links, and various kinds of cameras.




Mechanical parts

Slow motion shooting makes it possible to accurately grasp the movements which cannot be observed with the naked eyes.


Ocean / Ship

There are many obstacles to image measurement in aquarium, such as stabilizing camera, calibration, light reflection on the water surface. DITECT proposes its own solution based on experience of underwater measurement in water tank over many years.




Behavior of a nylon fishing line passing through rod guide

This is an image of the moment of nylon fishing line passing through the rod guide taken at 8,000 fps by the high speed camera “HAS-D71”. It makes possible to observe a tiny thing in combination with a magnifying lens.




Measurement of ship model movement

This is the case example of motions analysis on lifeboat and race boat. For the 3-dimensional analysis, it needs to be shot from two or more directions. In order for the measurement to be objective, it is essential that the object can move freely, and thus it is beneficial that there will not be physical contact with the object in the analysis by the image processing.

High speed cameras