Eye tracking


Lightweight wearable eye tracking system






*Developed with the support of PUPIL LABS in Germany.

ViewTracker3 is a new eye tracking measurement system with a light-weight headset that adopted USB3.0 for its interface.

Three small digital cameras are mounted, and the data of the field of vision and the movement of pupils of both eyes are obtained.

The gaze data will be measured in real time.

Captured images can be transported and saved to Windows computers by USB 3.0 cable.

Small pupil cameras allow the eye tracking measurement for the downward gaze, and the posture and the position of the cameras can be flexible.

For a user wearing glasses, this headset can be wearable under their own glasses and corrective lenses are not necessary. 

Automobile: eye movements while driving cars

  • Gaze measurement in free space

Production site: visualizing inspection process

  • Visualization of experts' eye movements
  • Manual for beginners, sharing quality management policy

Specialized operation: educational purpose

  • Visualization of experts' eye movements
  • Manual for beginners

Psychology, academic research, TV programs

  • Providing materials for psychological research
  • Visualizing gaze difference between generations

Features of ViewTracker3

 Small and lightweight

 Using with own glasses

 Wearable under their own glasses. Corrective lenses are not necessary.

 Small  Wearable with a helmet.
 Very light  Weight is only about 40g. Optimal structure to fit user's face well. Small and light.
 High performance
 High speed sampling

 High speed sampling up to 200Hz for eye cameras. Sufficient data to ensure accuracy.

 Wired data transmission

 Stable data transmission compared with wireless system. 

 High definition camera

 World camera is 30Hz high definition camera. (will be available for full HD in the future)

 Auto gain control  Allowed to use under the sun.
 High functionality
 Analysis function  Heat map, gaze history, area analysis, etc. are standard analysis items.
 3D model measurement  Reducing the errors caused by differences in distance by estimating both eye ball models in 3D.
 Locus  Gaze history is shown as locus. The locus length is changeable.
 Duration of pause  Point where a subject paused is displayed clearly in an enlarged pointer.
 Interchangeable lens  Magnifying lens is included.
 Useful function
 Real-time measurement

 The gaze data is measured in real time and written to a specific folder, and thus you can check it immediately after the measurement.

 The network function enables real-time access to data.

 (1FPS for scenery images)

 Auto calibration

 Completed in a short time. Just follow the pointer on the screen with your eyes. 

 Languages  English / Japanese

 Offset function

 Fix the error that tends to occur only by a click.

 Live video 

 Live video of the gaze data is displayed on the screen while measuring.

Analysis results



 Eye camera sampling  200Hz, 120Hz
 World camera sampling

 30Hz (Resolution 1280×720)

 World camera adjustment

 Backlight compensation, Brightness, Contrast, Gain, Hue, Saturation, Sharpness gamma, White balance

 Connection with PC  USB3.0 cable included
 Cable length  2m / 5m (optional, no guarantee of proper operation)
 Calibration method  Manual (Specify the gaze point) / Automatic detection (Follow the indication marker)
 Output movie files  MP4 (Mpeg4 / Motionjpeg)
 Output audio file  MP3
 Weight of headset  Approx. 40g
 Measurement modes  3D (Search for the gaze crossing point) / 2D

 Field of view

 (Horizontal x Vertical)°

 Wide angle 106×56 / Magnification 41×23
 OS  Windows10 (64bit)
 Data capacity  400MB / min (Reference value, varies depending on conditions)

Eye tracking