Particle Image Analysis software [DIPP-MacroⅡ]

Particle Image Analysis software

Particle Image Analysis software [DIPP-Macro II]


DIPP-Macro II is a specialized tool used to analyze and track particles or objects in digital images or videos.

The software allows you to easily filter and sort your data based on a variety of parameters.
DIPP-Macro II can optimize your experiment, providing a more in-depth analysis of your samples and a better understanding of your data.

What can MACRO II do for you?

Thresholding images in DIPP Macro II is simple.

The particle size analysis software will show a line graph of the color or grayscale distribution and automatically detect objects in the image.
You can manually adjust the threshold if you wish.

Particles detection


  • Pseudo color grayscale

Quantity count, size measurement


  • Binalization and Labeling

Particles visualization


  • Enhancement processing + Pseudo color

Count and time series analysis


  • Automated measurement and Graphing


Parameter changes are immediately reflected in the preview screen. Optimization adjustments are easy to make.



User-friendly macro list. Easily reorder processing sequence, modify intermediate steps, and apply results.



The results can be displayed and saved as CSV files as well as videos and graphs.