Case Studies

Biology / Medical

It enables to shoot and quantify the movements of cells and microorganisms under the microscope. We can offer the devices to fulfill the needs from high-speed imaging of flagella to measurement of cell culture photographed in time lapse.


[Flownizer] Blood flow



[DIPP-MotionV] Goat chewing behavior



[DIPP-MotionV] Fish larvae behavior analysis



[DIPP-MotionV] Ant behavior analysis



[DIPP-MotionV] Swallowing analysis




Posture and gaze measurement while driving and gaze measurement of design evaluation. We conduct collision test, measure vibration of various parts such as engines, and make comparison with simulation values.


[DIPP-MotionV] Suspension




[DIPP-Strain] Tire's distortion




[DIPP-Macro II] Washer fluid (Luminance unevenness)




[DIPP-MotionV] Bonnet grill vibration




[DIPP-MotionV/3D] Drop test




[DIPP-MotionV/3D] Trampoline



We can fulfill the needs in various fields such as hydraulic experiments and wind tunnel experiments, measurement of flame and spray, measurement of cells and microorganism under microscope, and blood flow measurement.



[Flownizer] Coating Material Visualisationa




[Flownizer 2D] Flow analysis around a cylinder




[Flownizer 3DPTV] Cyclone vacuum cleaner




[Flownizer 2D] Water flow




[Flownizer 2D] Mist spraying




[Flownizer 3DPTV] Stirring water


Civil construction

High speed cameras, fluid analysis, motion analysis, etc. are applied in research on vibration tests and destructive experiments of structures, research on river ecology, railroads, port research, water supply facilities and other buildings, and urban environment.


Tensile test of rubber plate




Collapse experiment of bridge model



Material / Chemistry

Evaluation testing is highly important in the material development process, such as the calculation of durability, elasticity, heat resistance, etc. We can assist you with the wide variety of evaluation tests with both hardware and software.


[DIPP-Strain 3D] Plastic container 3D-DIC




[DIPP-Strain] Metal Tensile Test




[DIPP-Strain] Cardboard deformation




[DIPP-Macro II] Bubble count



[DIPP-Macro II] Bubble formation & count



[DIPP-Macro II] Cutting chips counting



[DIPP-Macro II] Spray visualization



Sports / Biomechanics

Motion analysis is used in any fields of sports from ball sports, track & field, to water sports, biomechanics, and sports engineering. Digitizing video footage, it makes sports “science”.


[DIPP-MotionV] Playing the piano




[DIPP-Motion Pose] Markerless motion capture



Electrical machinery / Electronics

Various analytical software to visualize movement of equipment such as handy type high speed camera which captures high speed phenomenon of various precision work equipment, eye gaze tracking to visualize work efficiency, various custom software etc. using development technology etc. Detect technology supports the evolution of the latest electronics to further refine.


Suction power of vacuum cleaners




Water flow measurement of washing tub




Airflow / air circulation in the refrigerator




[DIPP-MotionV] Toy gun shooting