DIC analysis software [DIPP-Strain]

2D/3D DIC software

2D/3D DIC software [DIPP-Strain]

When black and white random patterns are being applied to the object, the software is able to measure the displacement and strain by using the digital image correlation method (DIC).

DIPP-Strain is a low priced strain analysis software developed by DITECT corporation that has developed various
analysis solutions widely accepted by end users because of the ease of use, high processing speed and impressive


A force tending to pull or stretch something to an extreme or damaging degree is called “STRAIN”. Strain has no unit but ε (epsilon) and % (percent) might be used instead.

2D strain analysis software

3D strain analysis software

Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

The subset set at the frame 1 is searched at the frame 2 amongst the surrounding pixels.

The area with the highest correlation coefficient is set as a new subset after displacement.

Software repeats this process and outputs the coordinates accordingly.


Output Data

Checkerboard calibration plate


System requirements

Camera specs recommendation