Full HD at 2,000fps
Maximum shooting speed at 100,000fps

◆ Capable of Full HD at 2,000fps

◆ Maximum shooting speed at 100,000fps

◆ Flagship high definition digital high speed camera


The HAS-DX (d-ten) is a high definition digital high speed camera equipped with a new image sensor.

With a resolution of 2 mega pixels, high-speed shooting at 2,000fps is possible.

Laptop PC can also be used by the connection with USB3.0, and it enables the easy operation of high-definition high-speed shooting.


  • Capable of high-speed shooting at 2,000fps with full HD
  • High-speed interface enables live video confirmation without delay
  • Record at short intervals with auto save trigger or random trigger
  • Play back of slow motion video is available immediately after recording
  • Support multi-camera synchronized shooting with external synchronization and external trigger
  • Ideal for stereo 3D motion analysis, 3D flow measurement with 3DPTV, and stereo PIV
  • Standard control software makes multi-camera video confirmation and control easy
  • With a clear GUI that is conscious of tablet PCs, highly flexible field operation is possible

Frame rate and image size

Connection diagram

Camera control software

Easy control is possible with touch panel layout support.

A number of functions such as live view rotation / grid display / gain / gamma / bit shift / white

balance are available by one action.



 High-speed camera "HAS-DX M/C"

Camera type

Monochrome (HAS-DXM)

Color (HAS-DXC)

Sensor type CMOS
AD 10bit
Effective resolution 1920×1080 (Full HD)
Sensor format 4/3 inch
Lens mount C-mount
Interface USB3.0
Exposure time Minimum 3μsec
Sensitivity 20V/lx. s(mono)/6V/lx. s(color)
Power delivery

DC12V (12pin Connector)

AC Adapter (accessory)

Electric requirements 20W
Body size 82mm×110mm×185mm
Body weight 1,320g (8GB model)
Recording memory 8GB (16GB as option)
Supported trigger TTL/Contact signal

 “Camera control software”

Display mode


Recording mode Normal/Endless loop
Trigger mode Start/End/Variable/Motion trigger
Supported image format AVI, WMV, MP4, BMP, JPEG, PNG
Supported OS Windows 7/8. 1/10