High speed camera


HAS-EF is a high speed camera with 1-inch CMOS sensor and 2,560 × 2,048 effective pixels that can shoot 250 fps at full resolution, 500 fps at full HD, 1,400 fps at VGA,and up to 14,000 fps by limiting the pixel area.

Perfect for multiple high speed camera imaging,with 6GB embedded memory, in one compact solution.

Well suited for all kinds of research / production engineering in behavior, fluid, sports science, biomechanical, robotics, machine vision, crash test, droplet, microscopy, trouble shooting, and more.

Frame rate and pixel size

Connection diagram

                With tablet PC                                                              With multiple high speed cameras




Details EF

●Battery operation is possible

●6GB embedded memory allows you to record 3,000 frames at full HD and 20,000 frames at VGA

●Good balance between high resolution and high frame rates

●Fully synchronized multiple high speed cameras with just one laptop PC

●Internal / External sync

●12bit A / D

HAS-EF Dimensions




High speed camera