2,000FPS at 1.3 megapixel (1280x1028) with a new image sensor will cover multiple applications.

Max 15,000FPS.

Color/Mono, 1inch image size, C mount, Minimum 1μsec shutter, Memory size 8GB or 16GB, USB3.0 fast interface.

User example case in

*Production engineering

Press machine/printing machine behavior, failure cause analysis


*Research and development

Crash test, structure collapse, vehicle movement


*Image analysis

Any PIV/Motion capture experiment of fast phenomena



Microorganism/sperm/metal stock behavior


*Sports science

Biomechanics, equipment research, golf swing


  • 2,000fps high speed imaging in 1,280 X 1,028 
  • High speed USB 3.0 interface will give you a smooth access
  • Multi camera setting is available by external synchronization and external trigger
  • Perfectly suits to stereo-PIV and stereo-3D experiments
  • Easy operation and tablet GUI with your companion recording and viewer software
  • PC less recording is possible with hot swap function

Frame rate and pixel size

Max resolution = 1,280 X 1,028

Max FPS in max resolution = 2,000 fps

Max FPS = 15,000 fps in 1,280 x 116


Connection diagram

USB3.0 interface will lead you to multi high speed recording system by using a USB3.0-HUB with your laptop/tablet windows PC.


Camera control software

Easy control is possible with touch panel layout support.

A number of functions such as live view rotation / grid display / gain / gamma / bit shift / white balance are available by one action.


Hot swap recording

HAS-D73 allows a PC less recording situations by hot swap recording function.

You may remove the USB cable after standby and go on to a cable less trigger recording (TTL or switch trigger required).

Insert the USB cable back to your PC and preview/save the image concerned when you finish recording.


Spec of High Speed Camera “HAS-D73M/C”

Camera type Monochrome (HAS-D73M) / Color (HAS-D73C)
Sensor type CMOS
Effective resolution 1280 X 1028 
Sensor format 1inch
Lens mount C-Mount
Interface USB3.0
Shutter speed (exposure time) Minimum 3μsec shutter
Sensitivity 20V/lx.s (mono) / 6V/lx.s (color)
Power delivery 12pin AC (battery as option) / 12V
Electric requirements 20 W
Body size 82mm x 110mm x 185mm
Body weight 1.32 kg
Recording memory 8GB (16GB option)
Supported image format AVI, WMV, MP4, BMP, JPEG, PNG
Supported OS  Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
Trigger function Start / End / Variable / Motion trigger